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Werkt op Lengte-Definitie-Volume zonder schadelijke bestanddelen! Een revolutionaire topper! Ik ben zeer gevoelig aan mijn ogen, deze kan ik goed verdragen en het borsteltje is echt perfect!


Our ultra-lengthening, high-definition mascara is all about creating a breathtakingly luscious effect with ingredients sourced from mother nature.


The creamy, full-bodied texture is neither too dry, nor too wet, allowing just the right amount of pull as the brush glides through your lashes. You build thickness and length easily without weighing down for a fantastically fluttery finish.


The brush, which was designed by the in-house team of Mineralissima, features flexible silicon fibres. These fibres help separate, lift, and define your lashes from the very first swipe. You can layer more coats for a thicker voluminous effect without fear of any smudging or smearing.


A combination of jojoba oils with emollient properties envelops your lashes eliminating the possibility of flaking or clumping. Bayberry vegetable wax creates the gorgeously volumizing effect, while the mineral pigments give you the blackest black ever.


This is one of our most ethical, vegan-friendly products yet.


Formulated without PEG, Phenoxythanol, TEA, D5, AMPD and with zero animal derivatives, it’s pure natural goodness that’s kind to both your body and the planet.

All-in-1 miracle Lash Mascara

20,99 €Prijs