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Prachtige party make-up op donkere jonge vrouw

About my work

Vrouw van middelbare leeftijd met mooie make-up

and me

Make-up and Ilse

Make-up is about making you feel and look great. I have dedicated my career since 2018 to bringing out the inner beauty of all my clients. To me, makeup is more than just color — it's an opportunity for people to put aside the mundane and really shine.

Schmink-Up also wants to accentuate the relaxing aspect of make-up! Schmink-Up is not your average make-up store! You can go there for a quick and healthy day of make-up for work or a beautiful evening make-up before you go to a party or just have a night out ahead of you.

Schmink-Up wants to learn how to paint and especially wants to promote the relaxing aspect of the make-up moment! This can become a short daily appointment with yourself before you give your best during the day.

Schmink-Up organizes various workshops, but also offers a place where you can drop in and apply the existing make-up yourself for a small fee. This way you don't have to invest in hundreds of jars if you want to try something different. With this, Schmink-Up also makes a countermovement to the disposable culture!

Are you getting married? Please don't hesitate to contact us! Ilse ensures that you are ready to say yes with the make-up of your dreams! There are also formulas available for the suite!

In short, at Schmink-Up it's all about you! Feel free to come and take a look! Until then?

Ready for a makeup experience like you've never had before? Contact me for more information and to schedule a session.

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