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What do our customers think?


It was a group workshop. In addition to Ilse's clear and calm explanations, she had an eye for everyone's needs. She answered questions, but also had an eye for non-verbal responses. She always asked if the face painting was successful and helped if support was needed.


It was fun and educational. My eyelids are a bit congested. She has given the necessary tips to make them beautiful and visible!


Amazing experience!

It was very pleasant! Learned a lot. Dear hostess! She can explain very well and is very patient. The effort!


Beautiful make-up by Shmink-up!

I had a very nice experience with Ilse from Shmink-up! Not only did she apply my makeup beautifully and professionally, she also gave me lots of tips and let me know which products she used. The make-up turned out to be very nice with the necessary compliments. Who wouldn't want that?


Ilse's workshops are very valuable. She offers a lot of quality at a very fair price. And she does so in a pleasant and warm way. Definitely recommended!
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